Emails, no e-mails. Meetings, no meetings. Contact, no contact. Confused Republicans. Confused Democrats and a skeptical population; if they can be bothered at all that is? The saga of President Trump and 'did he, or didn't he,' regarding the Russian connection, does not look like it is going to play itself out anytime soon.

Donald Jr wades in

Amid growing suspicion amongst even his most fervent supporters, it appears that the Trump camp did have some contact with Russia before his election. Donald Jr tweeted yesterday copies of emails pro porting to show he had arranged along with his brother in law, a meeting with a Russian Lawyer, ostensibly to gather 'dirt,' on Hillary Clinton.

This, of course, flies in the face of everything the Oval Office has been saying over the last few months. It is now gathering momentum that there was contact between Trump's team and the Russian authorities, but even after last weeks face to face with Putin when he was asked directly about the allegations of involvement during their 2 hour plus meeting, the answer was still inconclusive.

Living in the shadow

At 39 Donald Trump Jr is a little old to be living under his father's shadow, but then again his whole upper team smacks of the taint of nepotism, with practically every member of his immediate family involved in some way in running the country. Jr once boasted of turning the Trump empire from being New York Centric to a global brand in the 19 years he has been involved with the 'family firm.

' Whether he knows more than he is saying and is covering up for his or his father's mistake, only time will tell. Certainly, he is loyal, but he has also inherited his father capricious nature and the belief that saying something, anything, is better than saying nothing at all.

Anyway, the rank and file senators appear to be more concerned in marching through the Healthcare Bill to replace Obama Care than any implied threat by Putin on foreign impartiality, which White House chief of staff Reince Priebus dismisses as a 'big nothing burger'?

It is true that president Trump has a slender grasp of America's past, but saying this is the largest political Witch Hunt in History is taking things just a little too far. Watergate, or the shooting of JFK, were much bigger deals, but a threat is a threat and must be dealt with quickly, fairly and finally, if longer-term Cancer does not begin to take hold and devour the administration from inside or out.