This week the nation of Iran was hit with twin terror attacks; the "first major terror operation" on Iranian soil, the Independent newspaper reported. Twelve people were killed as attacks were launched on the Iranian parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. But it is what followed that is most interesting. First of all, the Islamic State (IS) terror group claimed responsibility and second of all, the response by the democratic world. In addition to Donald Trump's "condolences" for what happened, the Independent stated that the city of Paris turned "out its light" in a "tribute to the victims".

What it reveals

It is these two situations, the fact that iran was targeted and the support it received that is most interesting. It just shows the flexibility of alliances in the international community. The presence of Iran, IS and the US also demonstrates just how murky the whole global political system is. This is shown by the fact that whereas the US and Iran are enemies, they are probably together in their efforts against the Islamic State.

The global complexity

The problem that arises from this current political situation is how exactly can global peace be secured? It would seem that certain enemies (Iran and the US) would need to come together to defeat the real problem (IS). But even if that is secured, problems will still exist (namely between US and Iran). And that is why it is so troubling. As one issue is resolved, another one presents itself. Where we go from here I do not know.