On the 31st August 1997 Princess Diana was killed. Whilst it was and still is a shock to the nation, it is the time that has passed that we look to learn from what happened. I mention this story as twenty years on, television documentaries and films are being made about her life and what happened.

The tragedy

It was a terribly difficult time for Britain as a whole, but more so for her children, Prince William and Prince Harry. In recent days and months both princes have spoken about the impact that their mothers death had on them. Prince Harry not only stated in April, as the Telegraph reported, that he "sought counselling", but also that he "shut down all his emotions" for almost two decades after what happened.

For Prince William, our future king, he not only stated that "the shock never leaves you" but more significantly that "I'm sad I couldn't protect her" as reported in the Express newspaper.


The fact that these boys will carry this burden for the rest of their lives is tragic in itself. But more importantly, it could have been prevented. If Diana had been given greater privacy and protection from and against the media, she may well be with us today. And it is that comment made by Prince William that is so poignant. There was no body there to protect and look after the Princess. And that is the sad part; the fact that her boys both so badly wanted to, but unfortunately could not.