Khuram Butt, a 27-year-old British citizen from Pakistan, was one of the Islamic State terrorists who drove a van through a crowd of people on London Bridge on Saturday night, and then proceeded to go on a savage stabbing spree, killing a total of seven people. As it turns out, this attack was not the first time UK authorities had crossed paths with Butt.

Somebody reported Butt to the anti-terror hotline in 2015. Police then led an investigation into the guy, but found him to be alright, it seems. They ruled him out as a potential terrorist. He even managed to get a job working for the London tube system in the Westminster station, where for the six months he held the job, he had access to tunnels running directly under Parliament.

UK foreign policy has to change. We can’t be letting in terrorists who couldn’t even get into Syria.

One of the victims named was a heroic nurse

Kirsty Boden is the third victim of the London Bridge attack to be named, one of the seven killed by Butt and his fellow ISIL terrorists. Boden, “an outstanding nurse,” acted heroically on Saturday, springing into action during the attack. According to her family, she was killed because “she ran towards danger,” in an attempt “to help people on the bridge.”