Ah, how Donald Trump’s world is coming crumbling down around him. The US President got into office by rigging the election in his favour with Russia, then the Director of the FBI was investigating it, then Trump fired him, then his approval rating sank to a dismal 39.3%, and now it might all culminate in the guy getting Impeached. Oh, how perfect an ending to this story that would be.

Trump’s impeachment odds have risen

As the stakes are being raised, so are the odds that Trump will be impeached. Bookies are taking bets under the odds of 4/7 (64% likelihood) that Trump will either be impeached or resign from his post before his full Presidential term is up in 2020, and 5/4 (44.4% likelihood) that he will serve his full term as POTUS.

Legal eagles are saying that Trump’s firing of James Comey is grounds for impeachment. Hiring a foreign agent with ties to Turkey probably should be, too. But it’s the Comey thing that’s got Congress gunning for an impeachment hearing, because as they see it, it was an obstruction of justice, and that’s not cool.

Democratic Congressman Al Green from Texas (yes, apparently there are Democrats in Texas) tweeted on 17 May that he was going to “call for the Impeachment of the President” on the floor of Congress. Obviously we’re yet to see the fruits of that, but it’s a start. Green still needs to get most of the House of Representatives and two thirds of the Senate on board, and both the House and the Senate are controlled by Trump's Republican Party, so it’s highly unlikely, but still, it’s a start.