If we did not realise it by now, is Donald J Trump is not a happy man. He has one of those faces that appears unable to hide his true feelings, even when you know he's feeling nothing. Unlike the look on George Bush's face when told of 9/11, one of mystified incomprehension, the President would have just looked inane.


Donald Trump, always a strange fish to some, is beginning to act well, even stranger to many. It is bad enough that most of his intimate staff appear terrified of him and his constant u-turns. That he discusses his sacked FBI chief with Russian diplomats, but that he calls him a 'nut job,' in the process, is far from the sort of language one would expect to emit from the mouth of the leader of the free world.

Yesterday on the first day of his whirlwind tour of the Middle-East and Europe, he held a meeting with prominent Arab leaders in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. However, even whilst calling on Islam, - an ideology he has never been comfortable with - as a combined unit to 'drive out the footsoldiers of evil from the lands of the Holy,' he looked decidedly ill at ease and very uncomfortable in the company of others, not of his circle. He repeated that decidedly nervous performance this morning in Israel at a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu before a day of sightseeing in Jerusalem. As the great 'deal-maker,' he is sure to want to broker a lasting settlement between Palestinian and Israeli, and so good luck to him in that thankless task.

What should he do about it?

Trump would be the first to agree that his intellectual capacity is somewhat lacking, which shows in his many gaffes thus far. He needs to listen to his advisors, read more and certainly get a grip on the many complexities of the many tasks he has before him. He should cease immediately the 'twitter tweets,' and close the account.

No one, but no one, wants to know his inner thoughts, although there is not much of those on show anyway, just the ill-informed ramblings of someone who has little grasp of the serious nature of his job, and just coming across to all as a whiner of vast proportions. Apart from that he should try to engage, not only with his own staff but with those he has traveled thousands of miles to meet, for he is not looking diplomatic merely stupid.

Then again, perhaps none of these questions will need to be answered, for this could all be solved with one simple solution. While the President is on his 9-day jolly, change all the locks in the White House, that should give him something to really have a miserable face about?