President Donald Trump likes to tweet a lot. He uses his personal account, not the White House-protected @POTUS account, so he’s able to say whatever the hell he wants. But not for long, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal, who claims that the White House are considering bringing on a legal team to “vet” Trump’s tweets to make sure nothing incendiary is said.

They’ll have their work cut out for them

Any lawyer whose job is to read Donald Trump’s tweets and make sure nothing bad or offensive gets posted will certainly have their work cut out for them.

See, the President is wont to call out intelligence agencies for investigating his ties to Russia instead of investigating “Crooked Hillary,” as he calls his former election campaign rival. Not to mention the time he accused ex-President Barack Obama of wiretapping the phone lines in his office in Trump Tower.

Trump’s tweets frequently cause controversy and spread the fake news that he often calls out, often through tweets, ironically. The White House were apparently hoping President Trump would do this less than Presidential candidate Trump, although the behaviour of President-elect Trump should’ve given them some indication that this would not happen. If anything, it’s gotten worse, so legal action is being considered.