With the 8 June General Election coming up, ITV broadcasted a dull live debate between party leaders, but it showed the flaws in the UK political system, since the only two leaders with a realistic shot at winning (Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn) didn’t even show up for the Debate, and the leaders who performed best at the debate (Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood) aren’t even candidates in the election, so it was pretty pointless. Anyway, here’s what the political journalists and commentators had to say about it on their Twitter accounts.

Caroline Lucas was the best-received participator in the debate

Many of the Twitterers came to the same conclusion that this debate was a waste of time, and they all pretty much agreed that Caroline Lucas did best. Anthony Barnett from Open Democracy sang her praises, saying that she was the only leader who “looks modern, speaks sense, (and) has urgency.” Liam Halligan from The Telegraph said that she “bossed” the debate, and added that relatively she would be the candidate who has the “most votes gained so far.”

Gaby Hinsliff from The Guardian wished she would’ve gotten to see Nicola Sturgeon debate Theresa May, but May refuses to debate because she’s scared. Andrew Picken from The Sunday Post also loved Sturgeon, saying she “never had to get out of second gear.” He believed that the same would’ve gone for Corbyn had he shown up, adding that not partaking in the debate was a “mistake” on his part.