Current Tory Prime Minister Theresa May has again chosen the tactic of attacking her closest rival for Downing Street, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying he’ll be useless in negotiating the Brexit process. Rather than telling voters what a Conservative government will be able to do for them, she’s been using the strategy of trying to convince them that she’s the lesser of two evils. ‘I’m bad, but he’s worse’ kind of campaigning, the same way Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were last year – how did this happen again?!

The quote will surely spread like wildfire

May’s quote about how Corbyn would handle Brexit, going into the negotiations “alone and naked,” will surely become a popular line, since it’s a mental image that’s in equal parts funny and unpleasant, and not to mention it’s the zillionth smear campaign against Corbyn by the Tories.

May also called out how Corbyn handled the interview with Jeremy Paxman (the other Jeremy of the situation), saying that while his “minders” (comparing him to an unruly child – how appallingly insulting) might be able to “put him in a smart blue suit” for a televised interview, “his position on Brexit” will leave him “alone and naked in the negotiating chamber of the European Union.” Nice. She even acknowledged that we don’t want to picture Corbyn naked: “I know that’s an image that doesn’t bear thinking about.”