It has been a long and drawn out process. However, by Sunday night France will have a new president. But the question is, who will it be?

Why Macron?

It has long been said that then centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is the clear favourite to win. He will go up against Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate. After both making it through to the second round, we are now at the point where the campaigning has ended and we wait for The French public to go to vote. B why is Macron the favourite? First of all because basically nobody wants Le Pen to emerge victorious.

Her desire to leave the EU, to return to their previous currency (the franc) and her anti-immigration policies have not gone down well with the masses. Furthermore, in addition to the majority of the other party leaders urging their supporters to support Macron, even the former US President Barack Obama has stated that he is supporting Macron. There is also the point that he is miles ahead according the polls. It is expected that he will win 60%-40% against Le Pen.

A concern going forward

Although Le Pen may not win, the fact that she has come so far must be of some concern, right? It does show that she has sufficient support in France to ruffle some feathers. The fear is, not this time but maybe next? It is all very interesting (the election) in the effect that it may have in Europe and beyond. We shall see how it all unfolds.