Sonia Barker, who was recently selected as Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for Waveney, opened the party's new office on Commercial Road, Lowestoft, earlier this week.

Trying to win

The office will be used as a professional Hub for the campaign team, who have fours weeks to encourage locals to vote for Labour Waveney and overturn MP Peter Aldous' and the Conservative party's current majority.

Barker, who has lived and worked in Waveney for over 30 years, said that herself and her team have been 'out there' door knocking, leafletting, and persuading locals to vote.

"We don't hide from our communities. We're out there supporting them. In their homes, in their churches, and in their food banks," she said. "Labour speaks to those struggling. We know the local authority cuts have got deeper and deeper."

Barker believes social and health care in Waveney has been broken down in the recent years, with patients waiting for up to 10 weeks for a bed in local hospitals and care homes.

"The Tories are busy stealing our futures, and our children and grand children's futures," she continued. "Hungry families and their children are going to food banks in the sixth richest country in the world - which is something we should all be ashamed of, especially the Tories.

"Our priority is to show that Labour, locally, can win.

We can expose the lies and dishonesty of the Tories - such as the delay on the bridge."

Barker said she is honoured to be elected as a candidate, and wishes her late mum and dad were here to see what she has achieved already. "Everything is in place now. Labour can win here and we will win here," she said.

A New Approach

Labour Waveney have said they will be focusing on encouraging the 18-25 age group to vote, following a recent study which suggests if 30 per cent more young voters took part in the General Election this year, Labour would win.

Campaign Manager for Labour Waveney, George King, has pledged to recruit as many local "youngsters" as possible in the run up to June 8th.

"The 18-25 age group could make all difference. We need to educate them on the advantages of voting Labour Waveney; we can make a real change to their every day lives. For example, Labour's manifesto includes a huge drop in tuition fees and increased funding into apprenticeships and training," he said.

"We will be holding events at local schools and colleges, with a question and answer opportunity so students and adolescents can ask what's in it for them. We want to recruit as many young volunteers as possible, so our campaign is as strong and diverse as ever.

"All supporters and campaigners are welcome to drop into our office at any time. The door's always open."