Although no longer a constitutional necessity, Theresa May took the trip to Buckingham Palace yesterday afternoon to officially dissolve the UK Parliament. That means that for the next 5 weeks we are all unrepresented against the vagaries and actions of the cruel world that lie beyond these shores; now, is that not a frightening thought? No one to talk or act for us in any governmental capacity, our MP's officially out of a job until we decide for or against on whether to reelect them. We to a man become rather like a flock of unwatched lambs, at the mercy of the pack of ravenous wolves that hide unseen all around us?

But what about the Local Elections?

Oh yes, we were never going to be allowed to forget them, were we? Today in England, Scotland and Wales, we take to the polls to elect the also-rans of political life, those who were not deemed either good enough, or not selected by their parties, for higher things. 34 County Council consisting of 2400 seats are being contested, along with six newly created combined authority Mayors. A special treat for those not already overcome with excitement as to who is going to be spending their Council-Tax gatherings in the coming months. 6 lucky regions, West Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Tee's Vally, Cambridgeshire and the West of England, also get to choose who is going to control that spending - including, economics, transport and housing - at no-doubt an additional cost to themselves.

100 years ago this country was at the center of the industrial revolution. 20 years ago we became a nation who sold insurance policies to one another, as that established manufacturing base had been destroyed. Now, we appear to be so bogged down in so many tiers of governmental strands, that we are all in great danger of being swept away in a tsunami of meaningless legislation.

Yes, in 2017 the greatness that the youth of this country can aspire to is, Politics! Now, we simply have more politicians, telling us what they think we should be doing than we once had! The only positive; it may give some indication of voter intent in the struggle that is yet to come.

But what about the Real Election?

No, it hasn't gone away, but simply for a day it becomes like Aunty Mary and her 'problem,' we do not talk about it when people are making their minds up. Thank goodness when the polling stations close at 10 tonight it will be all back to normal, with budgeting gaffes and improper chip-eating back on track again.