Current British Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech followed by a Q&A session today regarding the upcoming general election that she asked for because she was unfairly elected in and wants to be fair (only after she managed to trigger Article 50, of course).

She warns not to trust polls

May told onlookers to “make no mistake” and warned them not to find any kind of security in the polls and let themselves become “complacent” because of it (and promises she isn’t), because the polls are often “wrong,” as they were with the General Election in 2015 and with the EU referendum last year, so she said a Labour victory “could happen” conceivably.

May slags off Labour’s Brexit strategy as ‘nonsensical’

May said that the plan for Brexit as announced today by the Labour Party is “yet another nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn plan” and quite possibly “their seventh Brexit plan,” since they seem to keep getting it wrong. Funny thing is, Labour’s Brexit plan is very similar to hers.

Conservative Party will ‘always be a party that believes in lower taxes,’ says May

May said that the “choice” voters have in this election is to go with the Tories, who she says will “always be a party that believes in lower taxes,” or go with Labour, whose “natural instinct,” in May’s words, is “always to put up taxes.” But see, the Tories are only committed too lowering taxes for the rich, privileged, David Cameron-type people.

Labour’s plan is a socialist plan to adjust the taxes, if you will, so that they’re fair and no one’s getting preferential treatment because they’re wealthier, “some folks are born, silver spoon in hand” people.

To top it all off, May said that this is “the most important election this country has faced in my lifetime.” And she’s old, so it must be pretty important.