India was greatly incensed when the alleged Indian spy formal naval commander was forced to go on TV and confess that he was a spy of RAW( Research and Analysis wing) of the Indian intelligence. India acknowledged that the navy commander Kulbushan Yadav was their national and requested consular access to him 14 times. This has been refused by Pakistan, contrary to all norms of international behaviour. Now, news has come that a Pakistan army officer, retired Lt Col Mohammed Habib has been abducted from Kathmandu. The Pakistan authorities have claimed that the ex-officer was lured to Nepal for a job and then went missing.

They allege that he has been kidnapped by Indian agents.

Case of Kulbushan Yadav

Relations between India and Pakistan are at an all-time low. Pakistan after denying consular access to Kulbushan Yadav has in a trial by a military court awarded him the death sentence. The Indians allege that the Indian officer was abducted by Pakistan agents from Char Bahar, the Iranian port close to the Pak border. As per India, he was conducting a legitimate business there. The Pakis have behaved in a furtive manner and the home minister had said in the senate that the dossier on the Indian navy officer did not contain any evidence but just statements. Despite this, a military court has awarded death to him and the same is confirmed post haste by the army chief general Bajwa.

India has called the death sentence murder and warned Pakistan of serious consequences in case he was executed.

Reciprocal action?

A reciprocal action was on the cards and now the Indian agency Raw has in all probability carried out a similar act. The retired Pak army officer came to Nepal looking for a job. This news is suspect as Indian intelligence had information about Lt Col Habib all along and were tracking him.

He was looking for a job as a front for some clandestine activity for the Pak army. He has gone missing from his hotel in Kathmandu. His whereabouts are not known.

India: an enemy?

Pakistan considers India as its enemy. Unfortunately, the Pak army lacks teeth and capability to take on the Indian army. Despite the best of efforts and sending in tens of Mujahaddin into Kashmir the state is not wrested from India.

Most of so-called "freedom fighters" have been shot dead.The Pak army has also not forgotten the humiliation when 100,000 soldiers laid down arms and surrendered during the Bangladesh war.

How Pak deals with the alleged Indian agent will be a factor in future relations. Lt Col Habib who is missing also faces a bleak future.