The Labour party face elections throughout the country, with several mayor elections up and down the country, many of them coming in Labour heartlands. This represents an opportunity for the party to regain some ground on the Conservatives after a recent poll suggests that Labour are 21 points behind the current government. The mayoral elections are vital for Labour to secure their heartlands and begin a resurrection.

With several Policy announcements Labour are reinventing themselves whilst the government have been largely silence since Article 50 was triggered.

The Conservatives have also had some disasters with Boris Johnson failing to influence global decisions.

The sound of silence

With the government, unable to exert any influence on global politics, several policy U-turns and another police policy losing in court. Labour have an opportunity to capitalise on the mistakes made and have made full use of the government’s silence in the last week over domestic policy by announcing several new policies that will largely be supported by most people.

The most recent including the clamp down on ‘sweetheart deals’ that leave an estimated £36bn gap in tax revenue from large corporations. But these policies must be heard and that is down to the media to report them as well, whilst Corbyn have faced attack after attack, they have been getting on with the job of being opposition, despite significant undermining from Labour MPs and media outlets alike but Corbyn himself has also previously made mistakes.

The metro mayor elections present an opportunity for Labour to push these latest policies into the public eye and hopefully regain in the polls.