Supporters of US President Donald Trump are being very opportunistic about the recent terrorist attack in Sweden, saying he predicted it like some kind of Nostradamus figure and warned them that this would happen. In February, he defended his multitude of Muslim travel bans by saying that by taking in “large numbers” of immigrants, Germany and Sweden are inviting in terrorism.

At the time, Trump was mocked

When Trump made these claims, he was ridiculed because no terrorist attack had yet happened in Sweden. He was seen to be referring to an attack that never happened.

Carl Bildt, the ex-Prime Minister of Sweden, joked, “What has he been smoking?” Trump later clarified that he was actually referring to Sweden becoming “the rape capital of Europe” and a possible correlation with their letting in “over 350,000 Syrian refugees.” But now, the terrorism angle has also turned out to be true, while the rape thing has since been debunked.

Trump supporters have taken to Twitter to tell the mourning Swedes that he was right all along. One supporter asked (rhetorically, in tweet form) how anybody could be "shocked" or "saddened" by the Stockholm terrorist attack, adding that the attack is “nothing new” and something that “Trump warned everyone” about. Another quoted him from February, then added what the Swedish PM said then and what he’s saying now (although back then it was a different PM and the quote from today was false).