David Davis said that Parliament cannot reverse the will of the British People.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the Brexit Secretary said that Parliament should not vote down the final amendments of the Brexit Bill tomorrow.

He warned Parliament not to tie the Prime Minister's hands as she enters negotiations to trigger Brexit.

The Third Reading of the Bill to trigger Article 50, the mechanism for a country to leave the European Union, is being passed through Parliament tomorrow.

If Parliament accepts the House of Lords' amendments to protect EU citizens living in the UK and for Parliament to have a vote on the final deal the British Government draws up with Brussels to continue UK-EU trade, Theresa May is likely to trigger Article 50 this week.

However, Crispin Blunt MP, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, accused Davis of a 'dereliction of duty' if they do not plan properly for the outcome of no deal with the EU.

'Throw this country into recession'

Guardian columnist Owen Jones said that if the Government do not reach a deal with Brussels, then this country will have to revert to World Trade Organisation trading rules, which will cause food prices to rise.

He added: 'You either accept the deal or throw this country into recession.'

But the Brexit Secretary said that the Department for Leaving the EU is planning for various outcomes, especially the prospect of failing to reach a deal with Brussels.

He added that he was making contingency plans and that he was confident of negotiating a good deal with the superbloc.

Blunt said that there are serious implications if there is no deal.


He warned of a cliff-edge for this country if they do not succeed in reaching a final deal with the trading bloc, particularly in relation to tariff and non-tariff implications.

However, the Brexiteer said that it is 'not likely' that Britain will get a bad deal.

He added that his department has been engaged with the other 27 members of the trading bloc and that it is in everyone's best interests to reach a sound deal.

But the Foreign Affairs Select Committee chair said that planning for all the outcomes is starting.

He added that the balance of trade favours Britain as opposed to the superbloc.

The Conservative MP agreed that MPs will get a vote on the final deal and that no deal is better than no deal, particularly if Britain is footed with a £50 billion EU divorce bill and is blocked from accessing the Single Market.

'Powder dry'

Sun columnist Jane Moore said that the 'Government is keeping its powder dry' in terms of its attitude to the upcoming negotiations.

She added: 'Maybe they have got a no deal plan?'

Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary, said that there is a moral and economic case for protecting EU citizens' rights to remain in this country post-Brexit.

She added: 'It is the Labour Party's duty to protect EU citizens living in this country.'

But Davis agreed that their rights to live in this country should be protected.

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