Jo Coburn said scotland will have to join the queue to rejoin the European Union if it leaves the United Kingdom.

The Daily Politics presenter interviewed the Scottish National Party's Europe spokesman Stephen Gethins today and criticised his party's policy on the EU.

But the SNP MP said there is 'no such thing as a queue' in response to her questions.

He added: 'Scotland has been a member of the EU for the last 40 years. We are a net contributor to the EU Budget and we have met all of our obligations since joining.'

Prime Minister Theresa May is due to meet Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh today for a meeting about the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday to try and reach a compromise.

Conservative MP Mark Field accused SNP leader of 'playing politics.'

'Pretty last minute'

Gethias said the PM's attempt to appease Sturgeon is 'pretty last minute' and she is struggling to make a 'Scottish compromise work.'

He said: 'Michael Gove promised Scotland additional powers to deal with immigration when he led Vote Leave's campaign last year.

'However, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said Scotland will not receive them.

'We would put a separate Scottish deal aside if this compromise was met.'

'Called your bluff'

But Coburn said the Conservative leader has 'called her bluff' as the PM said outright there will be no second independence referendum.

The SNP MP said she has also called the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson's, bluff as she once said the Government should not 'stand in the way of a second referendum.'

The BBC presenter said the SNP's manifesto stated there will only be a second referendum if there is overwhelming support for another vote.

She quoted the Scottish Daily Mail's poll, which says 46% of Scots are opposed to another vote.

'Manifesto commitments'

Despite this, the nationalist said the SNP leader was elected on a manifesto commitment to hold a fresh vote on independence.

He added: 'The Conservatives are clearly struggling to maintain their own manifesto commitments.

'Last year, we were elected on a 47% share of the vote, an increase since 2011. The Tories were elected on far less than that and are taking Scotland out of the EU against its will.'

However, Field said the First Minister is attempting to bully the Government into a second referendum.

He added: 'I think it is important to wait until the next Holyrood elections as the majority of Scots do not want another referendum before Brexit begins.'

Labour MP Alison McGowan said the SNP is reacting to May's Brexit rhetoric because she is too busy trying to appease UKIP.

She said the country is trapped between two different types of nationalism as a result of the Prime Minister's approach.

McGowan said: 'My position on another referendum is the same as the leader of Scottish Labour: it is not wanted.'

But the nationalist attacked the Tory MP for saying he has a 'problem' with manifesto commitments, in reference to the Chancellor's proposal to increase NI contributions from the self-employed when the Tory manifesto said otherwise.

The BBC journalist said the SNP were creating 'false assumptions' about an independent Scotland immediately joining the EU afterwards.

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