Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly plans to begin the official process to actually get us out of the European Union by way of triggering Article 50 as soon as this Tuesday, according to political figures in the UK and in Brussels.

The Article 50 bill will be debated on Monday

With Parliament set to debate May’s little European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill on Monday with a decision to be made on whether or not the House of Lords’ two amendments will go through (which May really, really doesn’t want to happen) and May set to brief MPs at the House of Commons about the EU summit, and it is believed that she will use the briefing as a platform to trigger Article 50.

So, we could be on our way out of the EU before the week is out. And for May, Brexit can’t possibly happen sooner. She’s been eager to trigger that thing ever since the staunchly pro-Leave David Cameron-replacing PM got into office. Meanwhile, pro-Remain campaigners and protesters are still running rampant around the nation in a frantic scramble to put a halt to it, but it’s looking like it might be too late.