US President Donald Trump is unhappy again, and unsurprisingly, he’s targeting his unhappiness at journalists. Again. He’s blaming the press because his Republican Party’s proposed healthcare plan, the American Health Care Act as it’s being referred to, or AHCA, is receiving some pushback. The AHCA, if it goes through, will be the replacement for ex-President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), of which Trump was highly critical during his campaign.

‘The press is making Obamacare look so good’

Trump is blaming reporters and news outlets and the media for “making Obamacare look so good, all of a sudden,” which he says is having a domino effect that ends with the GOP’s proposed AHCA plan getting knocked down.

He explained that when he turns on news shows these days, he sees political analysts weighing up the pros and cons of both healthcare plans and comparing the AHCA with Obamacare to see which is best. He says he’s been seeing a lot of “This one gets so much, and this one gets so much” kinds of reports on the TV.

President Trump has been actively involving himself with the American citizens who claim negative effects on their lives as a result of Obamacare, not so much with the ones claiming positive effects. Democrats and even some of the more conservative Republican figures down in Washington have reacted negatively to the AHCA and tried to push it back, but Trump insists his plan is “a thing of beauty,” and that with the Act in place, “rates will go down, down, down,” and healthcare plans will “go up, up, up.” But as eager as he sounds, he then clarified that nothing will go up or down enough to necessitate the word being repeated twice for at least a year.

Trump’s problems with Obamacare are that, in his words, “it covers very few people,” and that apparently “it’s imploding,” meaning that this year will be “the worst year” for the Affordable Care Act. He then reiterated himself that the love for Obamacare has come about “because Obama is gone,” which has led people to suddenly decide they love his policies, because there’s been such a sudden shift of power to a very different way of running things.

Trump says that matters will be “very bad” for those covered by Obamacare as this year leads to “tremendous increases.”

Trump blames the press and member berries

According to Trump, the media is “making (Obamacare) look so wonderful,” so he fears that when he replaces it, people will get nostalgic of the days of “remember how great Obamacare used to be?” and “remember how wonderful it used to be?” and “it was so great.” He says that after Obama left the White House, “people liked him,” but while he was in office, “people didn’t like him so much,” and concludes that “that’s the way life goes.”