This Tuesday, US President Donald Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tide over their tumultuous relationship and discuss important topics like tax hikes on German cars and bombing the hell out of ISIS. One topic discussed will be America’s $65 billion trade deficit with Germany, and according to Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro, the President will be “candid” during this discussion.

Germany trade issue ‘one of the most difficult,’ says Navarro

Navarro says that Trump will cut the sh*t when it comes to the $65 billion US trade deficit with Germany, whilst acknowledging it as “one of the most difficult” trade issues that Trump is tasked with tackling.

He apparently wants it reduced out of the restriction of the EU.

Navarro was speaking on this topic in Washington at a National Association for Business Economics conference. He said that “candid discussions with Germany” with the intention of having the trade deficit “reduced outside the boundaries and restrictions that they claim that they are under” with regards to the European Union would be “useful.”

Navarro, director of a new organisation called the White House National Trade Council (a result of electing a businessman into office), called the trade deficit “a serious issue...that we’re going to have to deal with.”