David Cameron appeared at Brown University to give a lecture on international affairs. And what better person to do it than the guy whose great idea for a referendum led to the downfall of most of our foreign relations? Of course, NATO came up, and Cameron is a strong supporter of it. US President Donald Trump called it outdated, and now Cameron has responded.

Cameron: ‘We won’t make American great by making Eastern Europe weaker again’

Trump’s NATO comments are among the many things that led Angela Merkel to despise him as she does. Cameron, who Trump once branded “a dummy,” said that we “should treasure NATO, not undermine it.” Putting a nice twist on Trump’s big campaign slogan, Cameron said, “We won’t make American great by making Eastern Europe weaker again.”

Cameron is apparently a fan of “Stop the World - I Want to Get Off,” calling it “a good movie.” It’s actually a musical, albeit with a film adaptation, but he was mainly referencing it for the meaning behind its title, saying it is “a hopeless philosophy in a shrinking world.” He said that the golden rule of “Love thy neighbour” from the Holy Bible is “a powerful moral argument,” no matter where our neighbour is, “whether at home or the other side of the world,” and that’s something people need to hear in the age of Trump and Brexit.