President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is showing signs of losing his mind, and given that he’s just turned 93, soon he’ll probably be dead. Mugabe’s wife Grace is almost half his age (she’s 51) and some believe he is grooming her to be his successor when he inevitably dies very soon. So, this way, he’ll be able to continue pulling the strings and rigging the system and influencing the country in a dangerous way from beyond the grave. And in return, she gets all his money when he’s dead and no longer needs to share a bed with him. It’s win-win.

President Mugabe describes Grace during the interview as “a very strong character” and says that, unlike him, she is “very much accepted by the people” of Zimbabwe.

She has a track record of verbally lashing out at anyone who questions her or speaks ill of her (who does that remind you of?) and has been the head of the women’s wing of Mugabe’s political party, Zanu-PF, since 2014.

Who else could take over after Mugabe’s death?

Another candidate who could take Mugabe’s Presidency when he bites the dust is Emmerson Mnangagwa, his current Vice President. He posted a picture on social media with the slogan “I’m the Boss” on his coffee mug, suggesting he intends to seize the Presidency from Mugabe and take over, or at least that’s how people read it at the time.