The former United States (US) president Barack Obama has been seen vacationing with friend and billionaire Richard Branson in the past few days. The CNN reported that with fewer "Secret Service-imposed restrictions", Obama has been able to do things that he previously could not. This includes learning "how to kitesurf". But as the former President enjoys himself, the question to be asked is, what next?

What will Obama do?

As reported on Sky News, Obama has a number of options open to him. One is to write his memoirs. It is clear that both Barack and Michelle will be offered "significant sums' to write about their time in the White House.

Bill Clinton received a $15 million advance for his autobiography whilst his successor George W. Bush received $7 million. Another possibility is to undertake community work. They did it before they went to the White House and are primed to do it again. According to Sky News they plan to build a "presidential centre" in Chicago, which will aim to "inspire future leaders". Furthermore, another option could be guest speaking. He was widely regarded as a "famed orator" and could receive substantial amounts of money for each 'gig' alone. Golf is another possibility. He played a lot whilst in office and now could play even more.

What about other former presidents?

What is also interesting is to compare with the past.

So what have other former presidents gone on to do after leaving office? Some are more conventional, others are not. George Washington, America's first president "made whisky" after leaving office, according to the ITV website. He produced 11,000 gallons of alcohol until his death in 1799. More recently Jimmy Carter earned "global praise" for his role in helping to eradicate the guinea worm disease.

This was through his nonprofit Carter Center. George W. Bush however, focused more on painting and made portraits of other world leaders. Bill Clinton, when not on the golf course, raised millions of dollars for "relief effort" following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

Whatever Barack Obama decides to do, he will have plenty of options. As one of the youngest ex-presidents ever, at the age of just 55, Obama has a long time ahead in retirement.