Given the temperament of Donald Trump, is he going to regret the nomination of Neil Gorsuch in the future as the replacement for Antonin Scalia within Supreme Court? Scalia’s reputation was of deep conservatism by ideology and very combative but he also dealt with cases with fairness and an open mind, much like the way his replacement Neil Gorsuch has historically handled legal cases.

With praise from liberals, Neil Gorsuch is known to stand up for the underdog and treating each case with equal measure.

Why he might regret this decision

Trump said himself that he has sought someone who is the “best”in their position for his Supreme Court nominee, arguably there will be little opposition to Gorsuch’s appointment from liberals and conservatives alike.

But despite Gorsuch’s deep conservative ideology, he has in the past described America’s judicial system as inaccessible and would like to “simplify” it.

Gorsuch could provide significant opposition to Trump if he willing to stand up to the President, and could provide a certain degree of stability to the US political system. But he will have a fight on his hands if he is to provide bipartisan approach and whether he has it in him to really stand up to Trump is yet to be seen.