Since Donald Trump was inaugurated and officially became President Donald Trump, he has been busy reversing or starting to reverse many progressive policies introduced by Obama. Notably the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or what it has become known as, Obamacare.

He also issued a travel ban on seven different Muslim countries, an act that has seen significant divisions at the heart of his administration.

The ‘Muslim’ ban

His most recent executive order was to implement a travel ban on seven Muslim countries, none of which included those he does business with.

Since then there has been global protests including in London, Manchester in the UK, and several airports across the U.S. but also in defiance, acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, advised justice department lawyers to not defend the travel ban as she considered it “unlawful”.

However, Yates was sacked on Monday night after a White House statement said she had “betrayed the department of justice”. After which, Yates was replaced immediately by Dana Boente, who reversed Yate’s last act as her first act. Maybe Neil Gorsuch’s nomination and perhaps appointment will provide some stability and opposition to Trump’s more extreme plans, providing experience and insight at the top.