Patrick McLoughlin defended the Government's welfare policies this morning, saying: 'Judge us by our record!'.

After being scrutinised on welfare issues during The Andrew Marr Show, the Conservative Party Chairman said that voters should judge the Government's measures by the end of this parliament.

He said that the Conservative Party intends to 'offer opportunities to every section of society.'

Poorest people paying less tax

However, Marr said that the richest households have experienced 4% growth since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 whilst the poorest households' incomes have stagnated at -16%.

He quoted the Prime Minister by reminding the Conservative that she said in July 2016 that: 'If you are struggling, I am on your side.'

He reminded the Tory Chairman that no Cabinet minister can use the phrase 'just about managing' anymore.

But McLoughlin said that people who earn £11000 or less will not be paying any income tax from April 2017 and that the Conservatives have successfully reduced the taxes of the lowest paid in this country.

Record employment rates

The BBC presenter said that many people are facing a tough time at the moment under Tory rule.

The Tory Chairman said: 'We have record employment rates and we are offering people the chance to complete an apprenticeship. Things will change.'

After quoting the Resolution Foundation, an organisation that studies income levels and living standards in Britain, the BBC presenter said that a working couple that are earning the National Living Wage and have two children will be worse off once the Government has implemented its cuts to the Universal Credit budget.

The Cabinet minister said: 'We need to reward those people who work. We need to balance the books and get the deficit down.'

Universal credit cuts

But the Sunday presenter quoted Iain Duncan Smith, a former work and pensions secretary and leading advocate of the Vote Leave campaign to leave the EU last year, that the cuts to Universal Credit 'are not fair.'

The Conservative said that Duncan Smith did not object to the changes in Universal Credit last year and that the Government intends to keep all of its policies under review.

Marr said that the Government is facing a 'disability benefits battle' and that disabled people face a tough time under this administration already, particularly those with learning difficulties, epilepsy and diabetes.

However, McLoughlin said that the Government spends £50 billion on disability benefits already.

He added: 'There have to be changes that need to come about.

We do very proudly in this country to support those who are disabled.'

But the BBC journalist said that many people who are disabled have lost enough money under the Tories.

The Tory said: 'We spend £60 billion more on benefits a year than we are getting in.'

Patrick McLoughlin has been the Conservative MP for the Derbyshire Dales seat since 2010, formerly known as West Derbyshire. He was chief whip in between 2010-12 and transport secretary from 2012-16 before being appointed Conservative Party Chairman under Theresa May last July.

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