The Trump administration are taking action against Iran for their latest missile test. The US Treasury Department are specifically sanctioning 13 people and 12 companies for the test. President Donald Trump has tweeted that “Iran is playing with fire,” which is ironic given how Angelina Jolie has just spoken out against his travel ban to say that he’s “playing with fire.”

Iran says threats from US are ‘useless’

Trump’s tweet also said that the Iranian Government “don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them,” and then added, “Not me!” However, Iran is choosing to ignore the sanctions, calling threats from the United States “useless.” Furthermore, they called President Trump “an inexperienced person,” suggesting they respect him less as he is not a career politician and has only officially held a political title for a couple of months (it just happens to be the most powerful title in the country).

The current head of sanctions for the Treasury Department, John Smith, released a statement saying that the Trump administration will not stand for “Iran’s continued support for terrorism and development of its ballistic missile programme” as it creates a threat to the Middle East, which is already rife with conflict, as well as back to the US, which is their biggest worry.

This is President Trump’s first Iran sanction

Under Smith and President Trump, groups in China, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates have been sanctioned, as well as some people within the Revolutionary Guards Corps of the Islamic Republic. This is the first time Trump has sanctioned Iran since being President, and won’t be the last, since yesterday he was asked about what he would do in dealing with the country and he said that “nothing is off the table.”

Michael Flynn, the national security adviser for the US who pushes random conspiracy theories on Twitter at the drop of a dime, says that following Iran’s missile test, he and the rest of the Trump administration are putting the country “on notice.” This is because the missile they tested are capable of holding nuclear weapons and that violates an agreement they have with the US.