The US government has always been heavily involved in the war on international corporate corruption. In 1978, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was passed which was intended to stop companies spanning different countries from manipulating opposing legislations for personal gain and bribing dodgy politicians to get contracts, which is as much the dodgy politicians' fault as it is the dodgy businessmen's.

Before everyone goes patting the US government on the back, it wasn't all from the goodness of their heart as they did have some personal gain from this.

Minus corruption, American corporations have a better chance of acquiring overseas contracts than foreign corporations, so fighting corruption re-unlevelled a now level playing field, so to speak, so that America wins. USA! USA!

America loses when corruption is allowed

It has been a well-known fact for a long time that in a corrupt world, America will lose. President Eisenhower once gave a famous speech about the military-industrial complex, but the US laws place innumerable restrictions on criminal activities with scrupulous checks, which is a good thing until corruption becomes the new normal (which it has). This is why America masqueraded as a heroic vigilante striding in and taking out the bad guys, but it was really a fear that their business would suffer and they would not be such an enormous superpower and some other foreign countries would be given a chance. That's not the American way.