Kuching, Feb 19- Philanthrapist Jamilah Anu from Barisan National managed to retain the Tanjong Datu State seat yesterday. She is the late wife of Adenan Satem, winning a bigger majority of 6,443 votes competing with her two competitors.

She polled 6,573 votes while her competitors State Reform Party chairman a Johnny Aput and Rapelson Richard Hamit lost their deposits.

The election closed at the Lundu Community Hall at 7.50 pm. The court of rejected votes was 80. Jamilah was represented by her son Azizul Annuar Adenan, as she was fulfilling her iddah- a period a woman must observe after death of spouse.

Her late husband is actually Adenan Satem, our late Sarawak Chief Minister.

Jamilah Anu has a diploma in secretarial programme from local univeristy and likes to socialize with people. She wins over people's hearts with her good social relationships with the society and has five children. Her late husband was the Sarawak Chief Minister and was taken over by Johari Openg. She maintains good relation with the Barisan National and also the Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri or Ahmad Zahid Hamidi stated that she had great cooking and believes she would also make a good leader.

"She will be a good eyes and ears of the Malaysian Government. If there is anything you can just tell her directly and ask her to inform me.

I'll make sure the complaints are heard."

"Abang Johari also has many commitments and unfinished work that he would like to complete. These missions can be accomplished by Jamilah because she has good knowledge of them. He hoped that she would win and she did, therefore there is hope in the country for a good leader. Jamilah would be able to continue unfinished missions and agendas that her late husband Adenan Satem has left behind.

She knows the work of her late spouse's work and is able to implement them well for the good of the country."

Zahid said he wanted Jamilah to continue her husband legacy. May Malaysia be blessed under Jamilah's rule in Barisan National.