President-elect Donald Trump is due to be sworn into the Oval Office next Friday and he’ll finally lose that pesky “elect” from his title. But where Obama’s ceremony featured appearances by A-list stars like Beyonce and Yo-Yo Ma, Trump has been struggling to get big-name talent to perform at his.

However, Tom Barrack, the head of Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee, claims that Trump doesn’t want any Celebrities at his inauguration ceremony. Interesting that he only mentioned this after all the celebrities turned them down.

Barrack also says Trump doesn’t need celebrities

According to Barrack, the inauguration ceremony (which Hillary Clinton will be attending) doesn’t need any A-list musicians or singers because in his opinion, “the greatest celebrity in the world” will already be on the stage, and that is Donald Trump. This inauguration committee takes saving face very seriously.

Barrack says that instead of filling Trump’s inauguration ceremony with “what people consider A-listers,” they are instead looking for attendees who will give off “the soft sensuality of the place.” This would be a little more believable if they hadn’t asked Elton John and The Beach Boys to perform before saying all of this.

Barrack has decided that Trump’s inauguration will have a “poetic cadence” about it as opposed to the “circus-like celebration that’s a coronation” that former Presidents that more celebrities supported have had in the past.

More Z-list celebrities than ‘sensuality of the place’

So far, the only acts Trump has managed to get to perform at his inauguration ceremony are the Talladega Marching Tornadoes (who are only doing it to make a statement about racism), The Rockettes (or at least the ones who aren’t against his politics), inauguration mainstay the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (or at least the ones who haven’t compared him to Hitler), and Jackie Evancho.

As is tradition with inauguration ceremonies, Barack and Michelle Obama will be in attendance, and have the most awkward tea and biscuits of all time with their successors Donald and Melania Trump before the proceedings. The Obamas will leave by helicopter (taking hope with them) after the ceremony.