It was certainly predictable. After such a prolonged period of disbelief and discontent, not only at being in the race itself but somehow winning it, that there would be a backlash. What I am talking about, of course, is the response to Donald Trump being elected president. But how was the world reacted to the situation? Let us investigate.

Protests around the world

In reaction to Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the US, major protests were held around the world. In Washington, DC more than one million people marched on Saturday, in what was referred to as "the historic Women's March", the Guardian newspaper said.

A sea of "peaceful protesters" wore pink pussyhats as crowds poured into the streets of downtown DC. There were also celebrity performers and speakers including Alicia Keys, Madonna and Janelle Monae. In Los Angeles there were an estimated 500,000 people who took to the streets to protest and in New York, around 200,000 people rallied in Manhattan. The Mirror newspaper stated that in London, thousands of people descended on Grosvenor Square to march up to Trafalgar Square and stand "united against Trump". Demonstrations were also held in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh.

And why?

The reason for the protests are mainly because of the President's comments about women. Trump's campaign was marked by a number of sexist comments that he made about women in the past, most notably to Howard Stern.

In 2008 Trump "bragged" that his fame and wealth made him "irresistible to women", NBC News reported. In another interview Trump said that he was pretty sure Princess Diana would have slept with him. These comments were made only a few weeks after her death. Furthermore, Trump often "rated and ranked women" on Stern's show and picked out the female celebrities who he deemed unattractive.

These included Rosie O'Donnell and Angelina Jolie. Trump made no secret of the fact that he often judged women based only on their looks.

There is no doubt that Trump has offended a lot of people, but most of all his comments and actions towards women stand out. It is no surprise therefore that the world came together to protest against him as a leader and a person.