The comments made by President Donald Trump during an ABC News interview that he condones torture and wants it used against terror suspects have been taken with a pinch of salt.

Democrats are furious

In response to Trump’s comments, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (who lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton) tweeted: “Does Trump really want to tell our adversaries that if America does it they also have the right to torture captured American soldiers?”

In a statement released yesterday, California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein called torture an “appalling program” and says that America “can’t base national security policies on what works on television.” She could be referring to the fact that scenes from ass-kicking Terrorism drama “24” were used in Supreme Court hearings to support torture, since it always works for Jack Bauer.

But writers decided in their heads that torture works for Bauer since that’s a TV show, so Feinstein says policies must be “grounded in reality.”

Non-politicians have also spoken out

British author and journalist Matt Haig tweeted: “But of course Trump says torture works. It fits his whole weakness-as-tough-guy cruel pseudo-mafia approach to politics. God, I hate him.” And political blog The Secret Barrister tweeted that “Trump views torture not just as a (questionable) intelligence tool, but as a weapon of war.”