A pastor named Tom Horn explained during an appearance on The Jim Bakker Show that a rabbi known only by the name of Horowitz marked the Messiah's arrival on the jewish calendar for the year 5777, which somewhere in the realm of 2016 or 2017 on our calendar.

Rabbis have been trying to figure out who it is

After spotting that the Messiah of 5777 should be around now according to the Jewish calendar, a band of rabbis over in Israel have gotten together to conduct the search for who it could be. Horn told Bakker that their best lead for Messiah so far is President-elect Donald Trump.

He says that a rabbi has looked into "the numerology of his name" to determine that Donald John Trump means Messiah.

He says that according to the Jewish Zohar, which was written 700 years ago in the Aramaic language family, Orthodox Jews predicted when the Messiah will appear on Earth, and went on to say that he was expected to "make himself known in the year 5773,” which translates to between 2012 and 2013 on our calendar.

‘What the Zohar said was he will be identified.’

Horn explains that a handful of important Jewish rabbis agree that the Messiah is already on Earth at this very moment. They claim he has “been identified,” and that very soon he will “make himself known.”

Horn was quick to point out that the Messiah in Jewish culture is very different from the Messiah in Christian culture.

He says that while the Jewish idea of the Messiah is still “a king,” the rabbis today are more “looking for a political leader.” The actual definition of Messiah in Jewish lore is “the anointed one,” which Horn explains “goes back to the ancient days", where the system was that a king would be anointed who the anointing people believed to be "the man that God sent”.

This is just like a democratic government like that of the United States who elect a President which the voters believe is the best choice to run the country.

According to Horn, the rabbis have made this comparison and believe their best bet is "somebody in a political figure who can lead decisive battles in defence of Israel,” Horn explains.

The Jewish rabbis read Trump’s campaign as a promise to be “the biggest friend Israel’s ever had" if he was elected President, and that he would "undo the Iran deal” and have good relations with Benjamin Netanyahu, and so they are looking to him as the Messiah.

Horn says Trump is likely more of a forerunner to the Messiah

Horn does clarify that “I’m not saying that they actually think he is the Messiah,” and that this view is reiterated by a number of the rabbis, who compare Trump to John the Baptist ready to coax out the appearance of the Messiah. He called Trump the “forerunner” to the Messiah. It’s all very exciting stuff.