About a week ago, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein proposed a recount of the Presidential election votes in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, where she believes voting machines were hacked in order to tweak the election results (despite the fact both the Clinton campaign and the White House agree there is no evidence of hacking). Now, new votes for each candidate have come to light in the recount, but not for the candidate Hillary supporters or Stein herself were hoping for.

All Hillary needs is ‘a tiny 50,000 vote shift’

The proposition for the recount stated that only a “tiny 50,000 vote shift” (something of an oxymoron) would be needed to flip the Electoral College in Hillary’s favour and make her the true President-elect of the United States. So far, three extra votes have been found for Hillary, meaning there would only be 49,997 to go, except five more have been found for current President-elect Donald Trump, meaning that actually a 50,002 vote shift is needed to flip the Electoral College now, so Stein, in all her efforts, has in fact taken Hillary a step back.

Trump has some harsh words for the recount

Trump believes Stein’s proposed recount is "ridiculous," "a scam," and a waste of time, since Hillary has already conceded the election, which is what a court would agree during the five-day appeal period Trump will have even in the unlikely event that 50,000 uncounted votes are found for Hillary and she is declared the new winner.

Trump also believes that Stein herself knows this recount is pointless and that she is exploiting Hillary supporters desperate for a glimmer of hope for funds she doesn’t need and that she’ll be pocketing the money she has raised for the recount, since the estimated cost is around $500,000, and Stein raised in the first instance $2 million, then raised her goal to $4.5 million, then $7 million, and now $9.5 million. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Trump may be right on this one.

According to one mocking tweet, at this rate of recounting, Hillary could be looking at a victory in 2027.