Since the UK referendum and Brexit nothing has been quite the same, although our lives in themselves have probably not changed much ...on the outside, on the inside things are shifting big time.

This is a trend that is circulating around Europe with people rejecting mainstream politicians and their often self-serving policies. The majority of voters are sick to their back teeth with being ignored whilst their lives are becoming more difficult whether it is real or perceived and there are half a dozen elections coming up in Europe next year!

This is giving the extreme right wing parties the opportunity to be heard with their racist ideas about what society should look like, and of course the usual nationalist 'chants' and it is clearly appealing to many people.

As always with racist policies you need someone to blame for everything that is wrong in society and for the present time it is Immigrants and EU nationals which happen to be displaced Muslims due to the fighting in the middle East.

This trend travelled across the Atlantic and we now have Donald Trump to look forward to for at least the next four years, and all for the same reasons that people voted for Brexit. The fear of losing their democratic rights and the lack of control over immigration, the economy and just plain not being listened to are turning voters against the mainstream politicians in large numbers.

Brexit may look terrible but It could all be for the best

There will for sure be difficult times ahead and more for some than others but I believe that in the long run, it will be in the best interests of everyone.

There is much good happening in the world that gets almost no attention in the mainstream news which is generally obsessed with negative news only which in turn has an impact on people's attitudes, as in Brexit for example.

There is no denying of course that terrible things are happening but there are people everywhere doing their bit to improve their own lives in a positive way and are also helping others improve theirs.

People worldwide are signing online petitions that are making changes in all sort of areas, sometimes small changes but sometimes big ones. Many of these people also show their feelings about what is happening globally in ways, such as marches,meetings, writing letters and tweeting to their MP's .amongst many other ways.

The point is that we all have the power to try and change things that we don't like and create a better existence for all on this planet.

However, most folks do nothing to promote a change in any area at all. They may talk about it and possibly complain about and criticise those that are supposed to be serving us....yes serving us ! but that is where it all ends.

They believe they have no power, but everyone has power and together we have enormous power,and enormous power can make huge changes..unrecognisable changes, but it needs commitment and action and not lethargy and procrastination. No one has to make giant steps unless they choose to, but everyone can do something to instigate a shifting of consciousness in society.

Right now it's rather like everything has been tossed up into the air and has fallen to earth in complete disarray, now that is the perfect opportunity for us to put it back together again in a different way, a way that is best for us all and the planet.

There will be differences of opinions to how it should be but I the majority of people would agree with the basic model of what society should look like. If voters were more demanding and got more involved in what was happening politicians would have to treat everyone with so much more respect than they do now and Brexit was the start.

We would then start attracting a different sort of person into Politics, someone that cares more about the people of their country rather than themselves first ,their party second and the population only when they wheel us out to vote for something or other.