Controversial director Michael Moore has announced a five-step plan for democrats to take back their political party. The ‘to do List’ was posted on Facebook and since then it has been shared approximately 30,000 times per hour sparked by the uproar caused by Trump’s recent success. Was his selection based upon the recent Hillary Clinton email investigation, or something much simpler?

Public's Opinion

It may come as some surprise, but Hillary Clinton won the public’s vote. Why then does president Donald Trump now lead the United States of America?

It is because of an “insane 18th Century idea called the Electoral College” as aptly put by Moore in his post. It is absurd to think that what was a joke, this reality T.V star that flaunted his celebrity status has been announced the leader of one of the largest superpowers in the world. Donald Trump is not a joke; he is a very real, very capable, highly intelligent showman who has twisted his smaller audience around his finger by appearing as a comedian.


In several interviews he stated how he had used his fortune to leverage fellow political members. He has also promised to build ‘The Great Wall of America” with a bitter sense of irony given his open hatred for the Chinese. Even glancing at Google trends we can see the mass confusion, controversy and uproar of his supposed public vote.

To the Letter

I honestly believe, although extreme, Moor’s to-do list should be followed to the letter. I believe the United States should have a duly elected leader chosen by the public and in the public’s interest. The American people wanted prosperity; they wanted better standards of education and a future without war. I for one say the American people should get what they rightly deserve and be allowed to follow this direction of peace without a leader basing his political agenda upon jokes he has made to win the select few he needed to get to the top.

Second Amendment

Trump needs to bear in mind that the second amendment of the United States reads; "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed". The American people have the final say in who rules over the country regardless of the election process.