Trouble in America

Donald Trump is like marmite: either you love him or you're sane. So, if there's one thing we can learn from this election, it is this: most Americans are insane!

The choice between Clinton and Trump was a bit like standing between a hungry lion and a man with a knife; one is far more dangerous than the other but they'll probably both kill so why not go down in style, right? One big blaze of glory.

How did this happen?

It seems astonishing that Donald has made it to this position but there is a simple and obvious reason for his success.

Hillary's voters weren't die-hard Hillary fans, even if they were die-hard Democrats. Let's face it, who could be a die-hard Hillary Clinton fan? She doesn't have the charisma that voters love and her past misdemeanors could never be ignored. In any normal election, Trump's indiscretions would have put him out of the running a long, long time ago. In this election, however, both candidates had been in the public eye for many years beforehand (something that is very rare in politics) and had certainly not managed to keep their noses clean. This meant it was down to one thing to tip the balance: charisma.

That's showbusiness!

It didn't matter what the candidates said during this election, it just had to make headlines.

Every eyebrow raised was a name in the ballot box for Trump and Clinton. And there's no doubting who raised more eyebrows.

I could bore you with the details of his Hitleresque fear-mongering and all that jibber jabber but I know you've heard it all before. The truth behind it was summed up perfectly by Milo Yiannopoulos, a British journalist and Trump supporter, who claims that politics has become more about entertainment than policies and doing the right thing.

It's a scary concept which, if he is good to his word, could result in Kanye West running for president with Donald Trump. Sh*t!

What next?

We all fear the worst, and understandably so. The man has given every indication that he will cause mayhem. And yet, I remain quietly confident that he will not deliver on the majority of his promises.

Why? First and foremost, don't all politicians let their supporters down by failing to deliver on ridiculously ambitious promises (even if we don't normally want them to)? Secondly, how the bloody hell is he going to ban Muslims from the United States? How the bloody hell is he going to get the Mexicans to pay for him to build a wall to keep them out? He's not. He can't. That will not happen.

Towards the end of Obama's second term we saw the power of congress and the American people. Nearly half of Americans HATE Donald Trump (as do ALL Europeans) and Trump's crazy ideas about policies have no chance of making it through congress. All this panic and worry about something that will very likely be restricted to minimal damage. However, it is always fun to make everything into big news! When it comes down to it, Trump has just won the ultimate reality show.