As a candidate with a wealth of experience in politics, it must be extremely embarrassing to lose an election to a wealthy reality TV star.

Donald Trump’s campaign for Presidency was, at first, laughed at and ridiculed. There’s no way Trump could ever run a country, is there?

How did this happen?

Well, that is exactly what the 70-year-old, chauvinistic, saggy-faced demagogue will be doing in less than a month and it is all thanks to Hillary Clinton’s failings.

However, Clinton thinks otherwise as she spoke in a 30-minute conference call last week, saying F.B.I director James B.

Comey is to blame after re-opening the investigation into her use of a private email server.

Of course, Hillary. It isn’t your fault AT ALL. It isn’t because you relied on the endorsements of celebrities including notorious meat dress enthusiast Lady Gaga to win the election for you.

I could go on forever about the scandals that Clinton has been caught up in over the decades. Most Americans know her as evil, lying and manipulative; which didn’t help her in her bid to run the country.

The choice that split the nation

Choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a bit like choosing what gun you would like your mother to be shot with.

The Democrats provided a truly terrible candidate, but there is more to why she didn’t win than just scandals, after all, Trump has been caught up in his fair share of those too.

Firstly, we have her absolutely idiotic comment at a fundraiser where she branded half of Trump’s voters as a ‘basket of deplorables’.

Now I know Trump has said much worse, but in order to win an election, you must not insult the voters that you are failing to win over. This was a rookie error.

Secondly, Veritas Action had a bigger impact on Clinton’s campaign than initially thought.

She genuinely believed that if she ignored it, it would go away.

In case you are unaware of Veritas Action, it is a YouTube channel which filmed undercover conversations with the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Clinton's fall from grace

In these videos, people of high importance were seen admitting to orchestrating violence at Mr Trump’s rallies to shine a bad light on his voters in the media.

Some also admitted to committing voter fraud.

Clinton’s ideas weren’t strong enough either. She talked a lot about taxing the rich and redistributing wealth, and not enough about jobs – something that Trump emphasised. This led to her losing out on crucial votes in the South, where unemployment is high.

Clinton simply underestimated the power of her rival. Her leisurely approach towards the election as she held fewer events than Trump didn’t help her at all and even worried some senior Democrats.

Though Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, so it wasn’t an absolute landslide for Donald Trump, but to lose an election to a man who has threatened to boot Muslims out of the country and seems to have a fetish for walls, this is just not good enough.