Michel Barnier is “worryingly indifferent to securing reciprocal rights for our and your resident citizens” claim a group of tories and Brexiters in a letter posted on Twitter as the Tory selling off of the Royal Mail meant that posting it would be a disaster. This caused Donald Tusk to respond claiming that the Tories argument has "nothing to do with reality,” possibly making him the most politically astute commentator of our times.

Donald Tusk speaks

Donald Tusk was responding to a letter, written by a group of Brexiters, consisting mainly of Tories.

In this letter, they argued that the EU politicians and in particular Michel Barnier were causing "anxiety and uncertainty for the UK and EU citizens living in one another’s territories". Tusk responded by stating the blindingly obvious.

“It is a very interesting argument; the only problem being that it had nothing to do with reality. Would you not agree that the only source of anxiety and uncertainty is rather the decision on Brexit? And that the only way to dispel the fears and doubts of all citizens concerned is the quickest possible start of the negotiations based on article 50 of the treaty?”

In this Tusk points out that the effects of Brexit are the responsibility of those who voted for Brexit.

He also pointed out, for possibly the hundredth time, that negotiation can not begin until Article 50 is triggered. By merely stating this he is showing a sort of Zen-like calm, a great teacher dealing with a bunch of unruly children who do not seem to want to learn.

Brexiter Response

Immediately after having the same fact about Article 50 pointed out to them again, the Brexiters were up in arms.

Tory MP Michael Tomlinson "he is putting EU process above and beyond human beings”, this from a man who voted for a cut to the ESA disability benefit. Showing that no matter what, Tories have no ability to self-reflect.

Iain Duncan Smith, said, "the EU yet again puts systems above people." A man who pressed ahead with ESA rollout, even when the independent expert advisor to the project advised not to go ahead, this and the thousands who died when his system found them fit for work.

Leaving the Tories with a very costly system collapse and a huge amount of chaos. This could almost be a metaphor for Brexit.

Hopefully, Tusk will be able to keep his calm and slowly educate the Brexiters and particularly the Tory party about legal procedures and how to work through political matters in a clear, dignified and non-contradictory way.