In a result that some in the Labour party are calling appalling, the Conservative party won the Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election, with Labour coming in fourth behind the Lib Dems and Ukip.

Conservatives hold seat

The Conservatives have continued to hold the seat of Sleaford and North Hykeham in Lincolnshire after a by-election was called because of the resignation of Stephen Phillips on the 4th November, over “irreconcilable policy differences” with Theresa May.

The Conservatives picked the local pediatrician, Dr. Caroline Johnson to stand for them.

This was seen as a move to help bolster Theresa May's plans for Brexit with Dr. Johnson saying, "I look forward to strengthening the government majority in Parliament so Theresa May, our Prime Minister, can get on with the job of triggering Article 50, leaving the EU, and building a country and economy that works for everyone."

The Conservative party was predicted to keep the seat, as such the main talking point of the result is the slipping of the Labour party. In last year's general election Labour came second to the Tories. In this by-election, they lost second place to both UKIP and a resurgent Lib Dems.

Labour are despondent

Labour's candidate, Jim Clarke, campaigned on Brexit, arguing for us to leave.

In an area where the majority voted to Leave, this may be seen as a sensible move. This helps to show the apathy that the Labour party currently garner.

A party that is founded on social justice, now campaigning around constitutional changes, they are leaving their traditional Labour voters behind but not picking up any of the UKIP or Tory voters with this strategy.

The alienation voters are feeling with Labour is now being shown in by-elections with this result and Labour's lost deposit in the Richmond by-election.

If the Labour party wants to be in power again, they need to re-energise the party and remove the parts of the party seen as Blairite, this section of the party just confuses people as to what they stand for. The party needs to rediscover its social justice roots and campaign on them and remember to try and not come off as a preachy section of the liberal intelligentsia.