It would appear the Conservative Party has initiated a new policy in which only the fittest survive. Complimenting their historic conservative ideology of looking after number one, recent changes in how the most vulnerable in Society are treated by the State demonstrate a secret new policy in action.

Following on from the Iain Duncan Smith's back-to-work scheme in which 2,380 people died (many only weeks after being declared fit for work) having their benefits stopped, indicate a new policy is in full swing and achieving it's desired results.

Latest developments in Manchester, where the homeless are being forced off the streets, adds credence that a concerted effort from central Government to withdraw all help, compassion and assistance to the nation's most needy and vulnerable people is now being implemented nationwide.

Gandhi is credited to have said "The measure of a civilisation is how it treats its weakest members." This aged old wisdom appears to have been turned on its head by the Conservative Party in it's ever growing obsession to cut the nation's debt and disassemble the Welfare system.

What's next? In America, many States are making it illegal to even feed the homeless. No doubt the trend will cross the Atlantic and be implemented here. With the introduction of a privatised NHS, a privatised Police force and a dwindling Welfare state, it's inevitable that the weakest will die, deemed as collateral damage of a Conservative party policy in which only the fittest survive.

With a cabinet made up of multi-millionaire public schooled Bullington Boys famed for burning £50 notes in front of homeless beggars, it comes as no surprise that behind closed doors radical policies are being dreamt up without the constraints of their Liberal Democrat coalition partners.

In a golden era of Tory governance, the Conservative party are indulging in their wildest dreams of a country serving the interests of a select few, while disregarding the needs of the many.

Where it will end? Only they know...