The results of the Italian referendum are out. With the ‘NO’ camp winning , the Italian constitution will undergo massive alterations. Their system of ‘perfect bicameralism’ will now be put under immense scrutiny in a bid make the government more efficient. The current political atmosphere in Italy, along with Brexit and the Donald Trump being elected as the president of U.S.-we are beginning to see a trend where the public is getting disillusioned with their established systems. The polities don’t want any reforms but they would rather take their chances with whole new system which has never been tried before.

In the U.S., Hillary Clinton wanted to make reforms in the already established system whereas Donald Trump claimed himself to be an outsider who wanted to shake up the American political order. In Italy, Matteo Renzi of the Democratic Party also proposed reforms while parties like the Northern League and the 5 Star Movement represented the other side of the spectrum. In both the cases, the public voted against reformation and for an overhaul.

The Italian Case

In the Italian case, it would be interesting to see the elections next year. If the 5 Star Movement wins the elections then Italy’s membership in the European Union can come under scrutiny as they voiced their interest to call referendum on the matter before.

In Italy, under Renzi, the country was plagued by unemployment and migration crisis which played an important factor in the referendum voting. It was suspected that if the ‘NO’ camp wins, it will result in what is called Euroscepticism, a situation which raise uncertainty not only for Italy but also for Europe as a continent which is going through a divisive period with the Brexit already taking place.

Also, both the U.S. elections and the Italian referendum shows that the people are willing to go through a possible period of precariousness rather than placing their faith in the establishment.This also highlights the colossal failures of established governments. Especially in the U.S., it begs an imagination that how massively the Democrats must have failed in their endeavours that the people chose a candidate in Donald Trump, who has no political experience that too against an adroit politician like Hillary Clinton.

Europe getting unstable

Back to Europe, one one side the Conservatives in United Kingdom are at loggerheads with the Labour in the parliament on how to work out Brexit. People in Britain are disillusioned regarding their jobs and human rights as Theresa May still ponders over the situation. In Italy, a similar period of uncertainly is being predicted with the impending exit of Renzi. Constitutional changes, although may sound hopeful, are difficult to come by and a sudden overhaul can have adverse effects on the population during the transition period.

Europe is getting unstable. There is a tension among the natives as to what will happen in the near future and it speaks volumes.

I am not losing my faith in a democratic setting due to a series of unexpected results this year. But, I would say that these results showcase the real essence of the system. No government in this day and age can take their citizens for granted.