The hashtag #WeAreScotland has been on top of the Twitter trends for most of this Friday (7). The unexpected movement of Twitter users from Scotland istweeting about the positive aspects of the country, most in an emotional way, and sharing personal stories related with Scotland. The hashtag seems to be another Scottish reaction to the Brexit vote, in June 23, as many of the Twitter users are clearly stating their support to Scotland as part of the European Union. As a counter-reaction, it has appeared the hashtag "WeAreNorthBritain", apparently promoted by Scot supporters of Brexit or against the idea of a Scottish break-up from the United Kingdom, which has been rolling since the Brexit.

Lots of these tweets don't have a specific politicalimplication, or at least that doesn't seem to be its main motivation. For those twitterers, its just about to show their love for Scotland and the idea of being Scottish.

Several of its tweets, however, also go against the xenophobe trend that seems to be taking England since the Brexit. The latest example of this trend is the answer given by the sofa manufacturer Collins and Haye director to Amber Rudd; when the Home Secretary accused the company of having too much foreigners in its workforce, the director replied that 75% of itis British, rather than replying that it would be none of her business.

Other Twitter users were clearly appealing to Scottish independence, taking Mel Gibson's William Wallace character, from the movie Braveheart.

User @PaedsRH proposed, as a theme song for the #WeAreScotland hashtag, the music Scotland's Story by The Proclaimers. Earlier, this same user told the world that his Norwegian surname came from a grand-father that fighted for Britain during World War 2 and settled in Dundee after the war.

Of course, and as it usually happens in these kind of online trends and movements, some users opposing the hashtag idea publish something against it, but using the same hashtag, in order to get seen.

According to Twitter user Ross Colquhoun, #WeAreScotland has been trending since 12 AM.