Donald Trump’s general image screams of his readiness to debate on anything and everything. While the US Presidential Elections candidate has not himself reported to have agreed for the debate, reports claim that Hillary Clinton named Donald Trump as someone who would love to debate with Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton also clarified that she will never want to debate with Bernie Sanders. Bernie, who is a senator from Vermont, is still lagging behind Hillary in the race for the Democratic nomination while as news reports suggest Donald Trump has already managed to receive the minimum requirement for becoming the party’s nomination for presidency.

Sanders is also opposed to Clinton’s decision of leaving herself out for a California party debate and some reports also claim that he said he will do anything to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win the US 2016 Elections and become the USA President. Clinton on the other hand has reportedly been proactive in wooing people who are supporting Sanders for confirming her nomination.

Trump on Kimmel Live!

Also on ABC’s popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday episode, Kimmel asked Donald Trump if he would like to debate with Bernie Sanders for charity and he gave a positive response to the same. It is quite interesting to note that just a few minutes post Trump’s answer in the show, Bernie himself tweeted saying that the game is on and he will be debating Donald Trump before 7th June 2016.

The game is on

This clearly shows that the Republican candidate and the Democrat candidate could be on their way to the most epic political face-off ever. In a weird and bizarre twist, these two candidates have been quite successful in stealing the show from Hillary Clinton and sidelining her from the US Elections 2016. Since the tweet by the Democrat member, Twitter has gone head over heels.

The hashtag #BernieTrumpDebate has been trending in USA for some time now.

Mr. Trump has had experience creating good television content, and, from the debate which is most probably likely to happen; it looks like he surely knows how television works.