We are living in an era where people judge popcorn before it is popped, so how could they not judge Modi Government's performance on its first anniversary.  The Modi government has been exceptional in many senses, one of which happens to be for being under constant scan of the paparazzi. No other government in India was judged for its performance on completion of its 100 days, 200 days and so on but the Modi government seems to have broken a record.

The Indian media has been constantly on its toes in judging the Modi government's actions. Everyone’s asking the question on “Where are the acche din?” as he had promised he will bring better days for the nation. It is true that the government has had a few hiccups in the form of low rainfall, a falling rupee and so on, but does not mean you write off all the hopes in the very first year of its tenure.

The Modi Government has been on the forefront to start schemes for the betterment of the common man and betterment of the nation which includes “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” and the “Jandhan Yojana” to name a few. The UPA government, on the other hand, are claiming all the above schemes were actually planned in their tenure and were just copied by the Modi government.

The major highlight of the Modi government has been the presence of an active PM i.e.

Mr. Narendra Modi himself. Be it the sending relief to the earthquake affected Nepal, or be it rescuing Indians from Yemen, Mr. Narendra Modi has been at the front wherever there was a need to help even before it was asked for.

On the international front, there are claims that he is doing nothing to improve relations which have fallen flat despite him visiting all neighboring countries and winning hearts across nations.

If we sit and think for a few minutes with a logical understanding, he has done what he could have done in his first year; the promises he made during his pre-election period were for his tenure of 5 years. So comparing Modi government’s first year performance with all the promises made by them in the pre-election period is absurd and illogical.

All we can say right now is that the hope is still on.

The Modi government has just set itself up and a year old, so we need to show some patience and wait for the promised better days with hopeful eyes. 

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