An Indian student has been given electric shocks for 21 times in a month to 'cure' his 'homosexuality disease'. Barely a few days after Ireland became the first country to legalise same sex marriage, a strikingly bizarre news from India on atrocities meted out to homosexuals is making rounds.

A team of doctors running clinics in the posh localities of New Delhi, the capital of the country, consider homosexuality similar to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. These doctors have been duping families and young men from all strata of societies, promising them a cure and charging a large sum of money.

These doctors have termed it as 'conversion therapy' through which they can change the hormonal level that is responsible for inducing homosexuality in men and women. The news came into prominence when Delhi newspaper Mail Today secretly captured the conversation of doctors. The clippings showed doctors talking about different therapies for the treatment of homosexuality. The doctors said that a large number of people are visiting their clinic to "get rid of the disease."

The shocking piece of news is an indication of the level of awareness and ignorance regarding homosexuality. Conservative and traditional families in India still consider homosexuality to be taboo and can go to any extent to get its 'cure'.

The medical practitioners gave a baseless and unscientific explanation for homosexuality as they blamed it on the 'recessive homosexual genes' or something as painful as childhood sexual abuse, which leads to a person's affinity towards same sex.

Dr Vinod Raina, who came forward to talk about the conversion therapy, confirms his treatment to be foolproof.

He claims to have cured more than a thousand patients, in his clinic.

The mainstream medical bodies and professionals have strongly condemned the bustling rackets consisting of unscientific and improper quacks, who are thriving by exploiting ignorant people. Medical practitioners have also demanded a government body to take strict action against the medical practitioners involved in such illegal activities.

To convert people with definite sexual orientation is a crime which should be followed under the guidelines of prevention of quackery in society.

Indian middle class has long been battling societal pressure and stigma towards homosexual communities. This is the main cause for more people falling prey to unscientific 'cures' for homosexuality, that is seen as a 'disease' by society.