Right now, the world is dealing with the most crucial problem involving sexual crime and rapes. Safety of child and women suffering due to sexual abuse, crime, rape and molestation are the biggest issues that any government have in the top of its agenda.

In such a scenario, Operation Yewtree could be a successful model to be followed by the Police departments across the globe. Targeted to save the women and children from getting abused at the hands of sick minds and psychopathic criminals, the operation has proven to be a huge success across United Kingdom.

Giving Victims a Voice, a campaign launched under Operation Yewtree, further encouraged the subjugated victims to come out in open with allegations.

According to recent reports, Operation Yewtree launched by Metropolitan Police Investigation to control and investigate sexual abuse cases launched in October 2012, has emerged as a successful format that has reinstated the faith of the citizens in thePolice. The Operation was launched after the sexual abuse allegation slapped against British media king Jimmy Savile.

Newspaper reports suggests that the numbers of complaints registered in the Metropolitan Police department has doubled as compared to what was seen in the year 2002-2003. The office of National Statistics showed that the rise in cases registered has gone up and is as much as 32.5%.

Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and several others, need to take a few tips from this successful operation. Cases of molestation and sexual abuse among children and women in these countries are alarmingly high. But the government records show a decimal number because not many victims muster the courage to lodge a police complaint.

Thus, the cases remain hidden for long and the culprits are rarely punished.

Most victims refrain from complaining about sexual crimes because of the social stigma associated with it. Inaction and apathy from the Police department are yet another reasons cited for less number of victims lodging a complaint.

Operation Yewtree led by detective chief superintendent Keith Niven can prove to be an example for other nations, where victims refuse to go to the cops and most criminals are not booked.

The result of Yewtree was encouraging as there was a surge in victims willingly coming forward with allegations.

As a result of this operation some high profile British public figure were investigated for sexual offences. Prominent among them were pop star Gary Gliter, former DJ Dave Lee Travis, celebrity publicist Max Clifford, Australian music Rolf Harris, who were booked for their crime.