The agreement has been labelled as a landmark and historic moment. However these are terms that have been used by Western media outlets to describe what is certainly a crucial turning point in relations between Iran, the US and European Union. However, how has the deal been viewed in Iran itself?

The overall view taken by many may be that Iran does look kindly upon Europe and the United States, however, the nuclear agreement marked an historic moment for the people of the Islamic Republic as well. President Obama's statement to the nation was broadcast live on Iranian television channel IRINN, this in itself was an extremely rare moment to say the least because all television networks are controlled by the state in Iran.

The moment led to many in the country taking selfies with their TV screens during Obama's statement.

Not only however, there were plenty of people who took to the streets of Tehran, Iran's capital city, in order to celebrate the breakthrough in relations between the two countries. A move that many may find unexpected and unusual, and something that speaks volumes for the sensation in Iran itself about the deal. An historic agreement has been the term used in Europe and the US, but given the reaction in Tehran, the feeling is clearly mutual.