Clegg: Voting Libdem will stop “lurching to the extremes”

Nick Clegg spoke as the Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto ahead of the 2015 general election, and his main point was clear. He insisted that voting for the Libdems was crucial in order to stop the UK government from “lurching to the extremes”. The party leader highlighted that the Liberal Democrats would not only stop the Tories or Labour from governing on their own in the country, but that it would also ensure the balance of power in the UK was not upset by the extreme parties such as UKIP or the SNP.

Labour and the Conservative have both taken time to attack some of the LIbdem policies, but Clegg was quick to claim that in the event of a hung Parliament, his party would work hard to ensure that a coalition could be formed. Clegg also unveiled the core policies of the Libdem manifesto, with the main priority being education. The “cradle to college” policy sees and increase in education funding of £2.5 billion and ensures education for all from nursery school for two-year-olds right through to the age of 19. However, this will only take place once the deficit has been eliminated in 2017-18.

Clegg and the Libdems also pledged to increase tax-free allowance to £12,500, invest £8 billion into the NHS and introduce new laws to continue to protect nature and fight climate change.